Monday, March 14, 2011

The Complete Man: Tall, Dark, handsome, intelligent, humorous, loyal, caring, understanding, charming, rich if not the archetype himself – Mr. Adonis!

I’m sure those who read my previous blog must have created this I-hate-men image out of me. Honestly, I’m not Anti-men (not always but most of the time I land up going against). Somehow, men always fail me miserably every single and second time. Well, today is an exception. Seriously, I couldn’t not write about MEN after writing on Women last week. Ladies, let’s admit that one of the main topics we discuss is men when we girls get together (How could we forget that?). And I know it wouldn’t have been fair on my part if I didn’t write after reading to Karma Choden saying that “every Bhutanese woman is as assured as she is accomplished. For this, we have ourselves and then our men to thank. I believe it takes two to sing a beautiful duet; it goes to show it takes confident men to allow confidence in women.” (DRUKPA, Sept ‘10)

I don’t think I can rightly pen down the emotions that is running right now. There are few men that have a special place in my heart, always have. It’s because of whom I have been able to swerve every little bump in my life’s highway. Okay, I’m not going into details of these special men of my life of course. But whatever I land up writing please take it as another way of saying my ‘Thank You’ to all the men in my life. Word’s can’t begin to express how special it is and how grateful I’m to have you all. And sorry I’m ignoring those, which millions of girls still wish their men to be like. But I have my favorite men on Earth to Thank for coming into my life: Landon Carter, Abhay Gulati, Stefan Salvatore, Chulbul Pandey, Hassan, our very own Gasa Lamai Singye and now my new discovery Chris Medina. These men have never disappointed me, ever. I love them all, a big time!

I’m not being THE JUDAS here my sisters (just trying to sing a beautiful duet). There are many facts which make him very special. A guy pal has an additional importance in our life. Trust me ladies, he will open you to yet another dimension and lead you to things you couldn’t possibly fathom.  As romantically as it sounds, these knights in shining armour was not only protective of me but helped me with my endless problems. Simply put, he solved all my problems from careers to unavailability of vegetarian food. From watching sad movies to accompanying us for long hours of shopping. From which cool gadget to buy to set them up and to fix it. From being a protector to your backup/substitute date for high school or college reunion. From filling you in on male gossips to how the they (men) think. From love to genuine advice on each man we introduce them secretly. From enjoying to dare the toughest stunts to our single tear that melted them. I love this one now; he will lend his shoulder to cry on when a guy breaks your heart and will be the first to put his fist in the face of the same man who dared to make you cry. That’s the power of the knight in shining armour. I’m sure those who already have one will consent with me. I discovered him from my ninth grade and now have extended to more than one.

He’s like any normal guy doing all those douche-bag man things but there’s this ‘you-can-rely-on-me’ or ‘I-won’t-let-you-down’ attribute which makes him different and special. He’s the guide to Mars who will enrich your life in more ways like your gang of girls. He’ll give you a man’s perspective on everything. A true help, come shine come rain through the potholes of life. He would be readily available; you are just a phone call away kinda – as simple as that! And yes they listen to a woman; it’s just that initially you need to nudge from time to time, the rest is a smooth journey. I’ve been told by one of my guy pal that just because he doesn’t love you the way you wanted him to doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you (they just run out of ways to express). So I guess we need to understand them as well. I have to say, these types of guy pals are irreplaceable. I should not but I’m outta his attributes. May be you ladies get yourself lucky to find that ideal guy pal and have him in your collection of friends. Needless to say, I know I’m lucky to have them!

Guy-Pal JC!

PS. My dearest Men, if women don’t come to you still, please know that they don’t know a friend like you. 

My knights in shining armour! 

(Sorry Sherab, Singay and Tandin. I'll have to meet you guys and save the moment next time!)


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