Monday, November 15, 2010


Hiya lovely people! Howdy! How did the weekend find you? How have I fared? There was a last minute call from work on my weekend. So today I started my day at six; was gleefully welcomed by the chilly morning. After running errands for my household chores I drove to this place called Limbukha for a meeting. It’s about forty five minutes drive from where I live. Here too I was welcomed by those chilly winds, this time a little stronger. These receptions on my weekend made me realize that it was time I set up for another season and be a good host by welcoming it warmly. As a Bhutanese we believe that Blessed rainy day sets the trend of welcoming the winter. But it’s now that winter is seriously taking its toll. I can guarantee with the chilly feel to my nerves and bones, a lot of good stuffs along.

As I prepare myself to blog right now, I’m laying on the cushion wearing a fleece sweater and wooly socks. I’m all warm and ready to write about the wintry cold. I’m so excited as well as so agitated about the winter. But still warm enough that I wanna take a couple of minutes and invite you to join me on to my winter mode.

I love this time of the season for the whole idea of wearing fluffy caps, colorful hand gloves and scarves, and warm boots on a cold day out. I’m not a fan of over coats but I love sweaters. There is something warmth about the coldness with the winter. When the whole populace of the town is glued to their fireplace, all you want to do is something cool. There is this crazy feeling where you want to take a walk when it’s literally cold outside. Sometimes rather than sticking to the fireplace there is this allure of going for a long walk. And I’m one of them who are so into taking that insane cold walk (would love an ice with it). It's one of those having a  'Bliss Moment' in your life.

As a child (till my graduation) I loved winter for the reason that we used to get holidays. I would always look forward to the winter breaks; a long stretch of holiday after anxious months in school. I used to love everything about this time of the year, mostly because it used to be the perfect time for me to be with the loved ones back home. As I push the present button nothing has changed except that it’s gotten colder. Each year the winter gets colder than what I expect. Could we blame on to the globally acknowledged Global Warming that’s showing its global power!

There is something untoward about winter that I hate the most, especially when the winter seems to have truly set in. I detest the part where the cold days drag on and make me unbearable to take off my private jet to the other world (my dream land). My hands and feet are never warm. It takes me hours to fall asleep with my feet as cold as ice. I loathe the third and fourth month of the winter when I get sick of cold and wearing thick clothes. It’s kinda boring when you have to wake up with the foggy morning every other day. The sun frequently doesn’t show up (a smile lightens up when you get to see the feeble rays of the sun only to see it disappear behind those oversized clouds). And it starts to get dark early. I really start to hate the cold so much that I cosset myself on house arrest when I’m not at work. Once I’m inside my house, I don’t feel like stepping out only. I just feel like curling up in room and watch a marathon of movies or drama series, all warm and fuzzy.

But there is something else I still love about winter. I love the rare rains which pour to make winter months even colder. And as I write this blog I’m excited to share that it’s actually happening outside. Love the sound of the rain pattering on the window sill. There is something beautiful and profound about winter rains. As much as rare and inimitable it is, makes me wistful. It is so romantic and dreamy. When it does come, just feel like at that moment I could hold on to it tightly.

While we are still talking about winter, how can I not shower you with the cousin snow? Honestly, I have never got an opportunity to play with snow ever in my life. Say what with an exclamation (WHAT!) but don’t you dare giggle when I say this. I’ve always lived in places where there is no snow fall in winter. Consequently, I never got a chance to experience the whole adventure of playing in snow. I hope I do get to make snowman this winter. I have read about the snow-flakes that no two are alike. So I would like to know from you who have actually played with snow, is it?  

As I set myself for winter where the weather is wonderfully cold, you stay healthy and keep yourselves warm. Till the spring comes back to see off the winter, let’s reflect on what Camus realized:

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Cold yet warmly, JC

PS. My gut feeling says that I’ll get to experience the first ever snowfall in my life one of this chilly wintry day. Who’s joining me for a game of snow fight?

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours."  ~Robert Byrne