Monday, September 27, 2010

So what’s up with the world? How have you been? What's happening in the world? Anything new??? That’s would be a few simple questions that could be answered in a blink of an eye, eh? I have another question coming next that would lead you to pause and think. Have you ever have wondered, while you were enjoying the bliss of good health, how people someplace else in the world were? Questions galore!

For last two weeks, I have been visiting JDWNRH frequently. My fifty-two years old Mother Bhutan had broken two of her left leg bones after slipping inside the bath room. Like her, few others (be it as old as 60 year old woman or as young as 1 year old kid) shared her fate of not being able to walk. At first, it was very prickly for me to accept the fact that she was actually, in real, admitted in the hospital. I’m not used to this kind of situation, especially happening in my family. By the God’s grace things had always been a little finer until today. I’m not grousing though.

I have always been abhorrent towards visiting hospital my entire life (I’m due three months to visit the dentist). I don’t like people being sick. It’s something that makes me nervous, edgy and anxious. But it’s overwhelming to see these patients with positive mind force. I had never imagined or thought that these excruciating patients would have calm and peaceful reaction towards this fateful side of life. I was moved by how they consoled each other with sanguine reasons for their stay in the hospital. They were like one big family with six different enduring patients from different parts of the country hanging out together, ecstatic and happy. The room was filled with positive vibes. It reminded me of the story we read titled “The Window”, wherein the blind roommate beautifully describes to the other man about wonderful things occurring outside the only window in their room. “Indeed the blind man just wanted to encourage the other man”.

I have seen from the eldest and strongest one to the youngest and fragile one crying out of pain. It was agonizing to see how they survived each sting. I have also seen these heads with strong hearts teasing one another and adding joy into each other’s pain. At night when everyone had gone to their dream world, it led me to stay awake and reflect. May be it was a sign from God that these apparent patients needed to rest and not stress too much. That’s why they met at this juncture at the same time and became a family so that they could happily live a tiny part of their life with the strangers at one point. On the other hand, as an attendant we were also writing new-fangled memories yet into another chapter of our book. Even I made few friends while I was there. We would sneak a moment to go around the place and talk about our own lives. Some moments were emotive, especially when the old lady used to scold her two sons out of affection. In return both of them used to get on her nerves, again out of affection. And sometimes it was funny when the daddy dear used to leave his three year old unwell son alone for the love of television. This little one even used to sing song for the others when pain left his body for a brief moment.

"I believe every day your life speaks to you - through every experience, through the people you meet and even through pain, fear and self-doubt." Those avid readers will be familiar with this line by the renowned Oprah Winfrey herself in one of her issue of ‘The Oprah Magazine’. Past few days being in a hospice, undeniably a different world for me has proved it absolutely true. Despite the pain and distress, I was enthused to welcome every single day, eager to witness what unfolded next in that common room. It made me wonder after we go our own ways from here, if we’ll ever meet again at another place. I’m sure when you get to read this, everyone are feeling better than ever. I can only pray and wish they get healthier and happier each day.

Now let me get back to another question. Do you ever think while something is happening, about what’s happening someplace else? You never know what might happen, right? As the bed gets empty, someone out there must be bracing to fracture his/her leg to fill in the empty bed. So take care of yourself. Be healthy. Take some time to rest and relax, time to time.

Attendant, JC

PS. Please be careful next time you visit your loo. Unfortunately or providentially you might be the one filling in the empty bed. 


dechen said...

Hey..I was like where were ur blogs? And I see now that u've written quite a lot. Good. Hospital visits are hard for me too. Seldom, I visit & @ the 11th hour, if at all. Ya everything makes for experiences. M glad that you learned something through that. Mean time don't just be careful in the bathrooms, load-up on calcium and vit-D. We would really need them when we get old. :-)

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