Monday, August 23, 2010

First of all, welcome to my word space. This is my little space for you, where I can share my thoughts and opinions and you can peek into my world and get to read my honest confessions, interpretations and feelings that I've kept bottled inside. On the whole, it would be a representation of my personality, about who I am, actually! I hope that with my each blog, you can get to know me better and I may even give you a reason to think and you grow up with me too.

Well, it’s always very difficult for me to write anything for the first time. So, perhaps I could start with what, who, how I am in brief. I’m just an ordinary person, nothing very special. I’m a normal being with an identity of my own, always thankful for praise, open to remark and submissive to criticism.

For starters, I’m stubborn and I can get mean when I’m angry. I tend to lash out and say the first thing that pops in my head and believe me, it’s not pretty. I also have a tendency to tell others exactly what I’m thinking, even when I know it would be best just to walk away.

I’m a home bird who is willing to happily curl up on the couch and read a book (with my favorite playlist in the background) or watch a movie at home rather than doll up and head out on a big night on town. I am happy most of the time. I love my job. I have good friends. I have time to read, hang out with friends, go on a solo-drive and do things I love. And of course I’m blessed with you, too.

I hate liars! I believe that there always lies the charm of being truthful. An honest person is more beautiful than anything else in the world. I’m both a planner and a believer in living-by-the-moment. The latter happened when I realized that something else occurred despite my plan. And the former remained attached because I still plan regardless of previous failure. Most of the time, every now and then, I go nuts, but I think that’s normal. I guess, that would be enough of me today, more revelations as I keep writing for days to come.

This would be a NEW START for me with a hope inside my heart that this comes to you all like reading a new book and when you turn the pages, you experience something unexpected. I can promise, you might or will discover some beautiful surprises. But I’m still biting my nails. The whole idea behind my blog started as a lark but now as I start writing my first blog, I realize that it would be a quest of discovery, self-discovery. I have got a lot to share with you. I hope my passion and enthusiasm will make me keep things real and let me be JUST ME! If not I hope to pause (as and when required) and be honest with myself about how far I go and try a little harder. I’m determined to stand strong along the way, each time I feel that I’m slipping away.

Toast to the unearthing of possibly lots of honest reflections and interesting facets. I look forward to keep you guys vying for more.

Enjoy reading!

Enthusiast JC!

P.S. I‘m someone’s nightmare and someone else’s dream girl…LoL…

The new kid on the blog – cartooned ME!!

Lo and Behold!


dechen said...

Hey..welcome to the world of blogging. Okay that was just an introduction. Please post a real blog soon. I have hit a rock in my case, haven't been able to post anything after my first blog. :-( Wish u many blogs and many fun experiences along the way. Fighting!!!

chimi said...

Hey Dear JC...

Congratulations for the Blog! Hope to read more...I am already a fan of your Blog...He He U know how much i love going thro your letters...So this would be great!!!!!!! Even better...! Very cute clippings, great background song & U look great!!!! Lots of love!!!!!!!


Jimie CHOKI said...

@dechen, Thanks a ton Dechen. I'm saying back fighting 4U na. FIGHTING!!!

@chimi, Aww..That's super sweet CP.. Such a lovely thing 2 say 2 me. Thank u so much. Love back!!

Bhutanblogs said...

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